Samuel Q Elira Sr., Esq.

Mr. Elira is the founding partner of The Elira Law Firm, LLC. As a licensed Maryland attorney and passionate advocate for justice, Mr. Elira takes a unique approach to lawyering by showing the client that he genuinely cares about the client as well as the case.

Mr. Elira enjoys helping his clients face and overcome their legal challenges. Mr. Elira identifies with his clients and will work tirelessly to ensure that they are treated fairly in the courtroom and that their case gets the best possible resolution.



Clerked for the Honorable William A. Snoddy

Clerked for the Honorable Michelle M. Rick 

Worked at the Michigan State Appellate Defenders Office (SADO) in the Juvenile Lifer Division

Bar Associations

American Bar Association

Maryland State Bar Association


Bachelor of Arts in Criminal & Social Justice, Bowie State University

Doctor of Law (JD), Western Michigan University Cooley Law School



Cum Laude (Bowie State University)

Cum Laude (Western Michigan Cooley Law School)


When you are faced with criminal prosecution, you need a dedicated trial attorney who is willing and ready to zealously advocate on your behalf. We will work to get the best possible outcome for your criminal matters.


Any matter involving the family can be life changing on all persons involved. The Elira Law Firm will strive to keep your goals at the forefront and keep you aware of how those goals align with the law.


An automobile accident can prove to be life changing and overwhelming. Nonetheless, it is critical that immediate steps be taken to preserve important evidence in your case. Moreover, an automobile accident insurance policy provides various forms of coverage that may provide benefits for your injury. At the Elira Law Firm, we will make sure the cases are coordinated to maximize your recovery, and ensure that you receive all the money you should!


It is extremely important to protect your business interests through legally enforceable documentation. Let us see how we can you help you at the Elira Law Firm. Our focus areas include: business donation, drafting and reviewing contracts, breach of business contracts, violations of confidentially agreements, fraud/ misrepresentation claims, and violations of purchase agreements. Let us see how we can assist you and your business.  

Why The Elira Law Firm, LLC.

Client efficiency directly correlates to satisfaction and advocacy. Trust the Elira Law Firm to provide you with an efficient representation that you deserve from beginning to end. At the Elira Law Firm, it is a priority to make each client feel like they’re the only person who matters when they’re on the clock.


The Elira Law Firm believes in consistent communication with the client regarding the client’s case.  This means communicating to the clients in the manner they prefer. Moreover, Mr. Elira believes in advocating for each client equally no matter the client’s economic status or financial background.


The ability to treat a client fairly, equally, and adequately is in the core of the services provided by The Elira Law Firm. Mr. Elira embraces continuous improvement of clients experience to ensure that the client receive the best quality and reliable service possible under the law. 

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